The Computer Weenie offers fast on-site computer solutions for your home. I come to you. My services include:

Windows PC & Apple Mac troubleshooting
Windows PC & Apple Mac repairs
Home networking & wireless
Windows PC & Apple Mac upgrades
Preventive maintenance
Digital Photography, Scanning, & Printing
Entertainment System solutions
Back-up storage plans
Family & Personal websites
Maintenance agreements
Windows PC & Apple Mac sales
Windows PC & Apple Mac training
Virus protection        
Software & accessory sales
Digital Video editing


I can help if you have questions such as:


  • Where should I make my technology purchases?
  • How much should I spend to do what I want to accomplish?
  • What type of computer, with what type of hardware, do I need to accomplish "name your task"?
  • Should I buy an extended warranty for my equipment?
  • What software do I need to accomplish "name your task"?
  • Is it more effective to go with a wired or wireless network?
  • Is it more cost effective to upgrade the equipment I have or buy new?

How do I?

  • set up a home network?
  • implement high speed internet access?
  • make sure my computer/network is secure?
  • make sure my data is safe and well backed-up?
  • share digital photos with friends and family?
  • save and share home videos so that friends and family can watch them on their computers and televsions?
  • set up text, voice, and video chat via messaging software like Microsoft's Messenger?
  • integrate my computer with my home stereo and home entertainment system so that I can share music, video, and photos across each device?
  • record television shows to my computer hard drive and from there save to CD or DVD?
  • enable remote access to my data so that I can access my home computer from work and vice versa?
  • set up a personal/ family website?

There are innumerable questions not listed here, so if you have one, fire away. I will assist you in any way that I can and if I don't have the answer, I will either find it or get you to a source that can.

Home users can afford premium service too...please call and allow me to show you how you can get the most out of your technology.